Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Badlands Trip

Today Keeley had a very spontaneous desire...she wanted to go
to the Badlands. So after getting Kendall in the carseat, and
getting in a quick conversation with Mark and Andy via
conference about other stuff, we loaded up the Environment-
Friendly Matrix and headed off to the BADlands. We encountered
lots of various things including alive TREX that roared
(see facebook video), and DOZENS! of Germans, Francs, Brits,
and Aussies sharing the outdoor experience with us. We could
only understand the Englishspeaking ones (naturally), when
they came and admired our 2 week old young one.And thank
goodness she didn't get sunburnt. I was afraid she would,
but so far so good. And the British lady said: "She's on
her first Holiday!" Yah I know. Sweet right. Anyways, we ended
up the trip with some french fries at Keeley's Step-mom's
diner at the foot of the badlands. And now we're all tired
so I think we'll try to go to bed.

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