Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Searching

A few weeks ago I went record searching for records of Don's
real Parents...Well, after much dead ends I just ended up with
some lousy marriage and death records. I guess if I want to
continue my search, I'll have to move to San Diego and search
their hospital where he was born. The image above shows the
record of Mom and Don getting married. Thought it was kinda cool.


  1. Where was he born? Which Hospital?

  2. He was born in the San Diego Hospital? That's the county that the birth certificate says. To a Ms. Jesperson.

  3. We really shouldn't be double, tripling work... Sarah has done some research, I've done some research, Matt was doing some research.

    We have contact information to the adoption agency where Don was adopted. They can release their records to his children which (may or may not include any helpful information). They would need his birth/death certificate, proof of immediate family member (Aunt Anne tried but she was not his biological sister), and a $100 fee. I passed my information onto Matt, but I think its gotta take someone committed to just get it done. I'll pay a share of the fee if someone wants to take this on.