Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hobson's Week in Review

We made our first trip to the Salt Lake Temple this week.  Boy what a day!  So much family was able to make it to our sealing.  Mark, Shannah and their kids, Father Tanner and Rachel, Farren, Tracy and Gma Spaulding, as well as many other friends came to support us.  Andrew couldn't stop crying during the whole ceremony.  Jessica couldn't stop talking about food, Isabella was kicking her stomach the whole time.  Richard was able to witness the sealing and looked so proud as he watched over the family.  Kathryn was outside the sealing room singing "I am a Child of God" and Naomi didn't spend one second away from her blankie.  We took pictures outside the temple after the sealing and then went to Chuckarama for some well earned food. 

All the cousins sat at the same table and made sure they didn't share any gluten although Kathryn complained about feeling sick since her cousins touched her with their food. 

On the car ride home, Jessica and Andrew let Richard and Kathryn work out their own shouting match, both crying and screaming at each other.  It was a great first day as an eternal family.

Katie gave us some good news tonight of her new arrival, Bella.  I asked her when her due date was.  Her reply was, "She kicks!"  Whether she's singing her favorite Primary song, dancing like a ballerina, or running around with her friends, Katie keeps us on our toes.  The latest commodity we've had to say goodbye to due to a tight budget is our cell phones.  Although the termination fee is $125, our monthly bill of $119 will not be missed.  It has been nice to have the phones over the past year but with an average monthly income of less than $700, they just don't fit in our budget.  So we say farewell, good riddens, and to all the family members inconvenienced by our decision, we will be still be receiving snail mail for the moment.  During the midwife appointment this week, all the children had the chance to listen to Isabella's heart beat.  Each of the kids are so eager to have our latest addition here.  Naomi is pushing everything she can find in strollers, Richard is playing Dad to his sisters, and Katie is the first one to give Bella her kiss each morning, via Jessica's belly!

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