Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kendalls first Shopping Trip

The Morning started off great, seeing as Kendall slept in until 8am.
Our first night as new parents here at home went by rather smoothly.
Our first errand was off to the court house for renewall of Daddy's Tags
on his car.

Next we drove to the Air Force base and got Kendall squared
away with Uncle Sam. It seemed everywhere we went, old ladies (forties and fifties)
were showering us with comments and advice and offering to take her home
with them. It was a very productive day indeed.

It just seems so easy being a parent, that I hope I'm not experiencing the easy parts

However, Kendall is a very well mannered
young girl and is very content in everything she does. (sleep and eat)
She is deffinetly the funnest when she's awake with her eye's open.

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